Crisis Averted

Well it wasn’t exactly a crisis but it did hamper my production for a few days. My air pressure issue has been corrected and it’s performing pretty well. I changed out the regulator and added a moisture trap to the air line. About ten minutes of work to relieve my frustrations. 

So I couldn’t fully call it fixed until I tried it out to check if my work was sufficient. And check I did. The Spitfire and Stuka both made a trip out to the airbrush for some experimentation. I started off with the Spitfie and it took a little trial and error getting the pressure just right before I felt comfortable enough to proceed. I’d call the air pressure fixed. The Spitfire is now finished with final paint and ready for a good coat of clear tomorrow. I’ll apply the decals on Tuesday and it won’t be long after that.

The Stuka came to the party with an easy application of RLM71. The real work comes tomorrow with all the masking. I actually enjoy masking the German camouflage patterns so it won’t be bad. 

There really isn’t much to report on the Babs, Avenger, and Hornet. The Babs and Avenger received a coat of clear matte this afternoon and will begin weathering soon. The F-18 has one minor flaw to fix. Nothing to worry about though. 

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