Well it’s only 9:00 o’clock in the morning and I am tapped out on my model building for the day. I’m tempted to open up another kit and get started. The usual urge is there but I think I will refrain. Better to stay the course. 

The morning started off as I had hoped with the airbrush getting fired up for four of the five builds. The Avenger is finalized and should be the first to see completion. The Babs is pending more paint. I’m not too sure if I want to leave it be or add some camouflage. I can’t resist a camouflage scheme so I will probably go with that. The Spitfire will need one last color. The air pressure problem needs to be fixed first though. I will address that today so I don’t interrupt my good flow. Lastly, the Stuka just got a little detail paint work. As you know I am not a fan of decals when I can use paint so I airbrushed RLM04 on the waist and both sides of the wings. I’ll give it a good mask tomorrow and start the main camouflage.

Big day for the F-18. The wings were affixed this morning with zero fight. I think I can get by with no filler. The other seams looked so so. I sanded them down again and I think I should be fine. That’s primarily why I put the wings on today. If all is well after some primer, I think I will be good to wrap up construction and move on to paint. 

More good news with the F-18 today as well. Through some diligent research, I found a set of Two Bobs decals for an OIF, OEF, OIR Hornet. I am going to give this F-18 an unorthodox load out and I needed a recent squadron depiction from one of the three theaters. We’re good now so game on.

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