Today Was A Great Day 

Today’s production came as a bit of a surprise to me. I mean, I had already planned on getting some work done like I always do. Only this morning actually saw me follow through with my agenda and quite honestly, it came as a spur of the moment whim.

My top priority this morning was actually to change the oil in my wife’s Explorer. I did get that done too, by the way. As I was getting everything prepped to tackle the oil change, I noticed I had an hour until I had to take my kids to school. An hour was more than enough time to get the Stuka and Avenger out to the airbrush. And that I did. The underside of the Stuka and the middle color to the Avenger were applied with little resistance from my airbrush. I have a little air pressure dilemma going on but I can limp through it for now. I will mask them both off tomorrow and get back to the airbrush.

Some more good news came in the mail today. The paint for the Spitfire and Babs has arrived. I held off on painting the Babs because I just couldn’t use Japanese Navy Sky Gray when Army Light Gray is needed. I figured that I should get the Gray that I needed while I was already ordering the Middlestone for the Spitfire. Two birds with one stone kinda thing. So I will get them started tomorrow along with the Avenger and Stuka.

The F-18 even saw some work done today. I gave it a thorough sanding and applied a good coat of primer over all the seams to see where I stand. I’ll take a look at it tonight to see what lies ahead of me here. I’d say the workbench is gaining steam again this week and hopefully we will see a finished kit by the weekend. 

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