Sticking To It

The first hiccup has surfaced since my return and it’s completely my fault. I made an assumption that one of the colors for the Spitfire would be Dark Sand. My mistake will lead to a slight hiatus until I can obtain the correct color of Middlestone. Plenty of work remains on the other three builds so I’m not too worried about it. 

Business as usual on the Babs and Avenger this morning. I applied filler to the canopies and masked off the Avenger.  I’ll give them both a quick sand and should be all clear for final paint along with the Stuka. Getting out to the airbrush is always my biggest hurdle so I’m crossing my fingers. 

The F-18 saw the biggest progress today. The cockpit was the main focus as usual. The ejection seat is only lacking its seatbelts. The instrument panel decals were applied and will get a good coat of clear tomorrow. After all that, I worked on the air intake assembly and turning a two-place Hornet into a one-place. It wasn’t as hard as it sounds. I’ve set myself up pretty good and should see huge gains soon. 

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