I’m On A Roll

Well, well, well. Two days in a row. As you can see, I straightened up from yesterday and started fresh this morning. Simple tasks were the basis of today’s productivity on all four current kits as well as the next one in line. 

So the Stuka and Spitfire were yet again easy to work with today. I sanded the filler on the canopy edges and shot a good coat of primer on them. So far so good. The Stuka wasn’t quite finished for the morning after the priming. I assembled the landing gear struts, sanded them, and then attached them to their rightful places. The goal is to begin final paint on both kits in the morning.

The Babs and Avenger both had their canopies installed. They will both need some filler applied tomorrow before I can move on. As with the Stuka, the Babs had its landing gear struts assembled and installed. It’s looking like everything is moving forward quite well. I am finally starting to see some positive results.

After working on the four current builds this morning, I didn’t want to quit. With all avenues blocked, I thought that today was a great day to begin the next build. If you remember from months ago, I wanted to build a filthy, war weary, Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom Hornet. I’ve gathered what I need and proceeded with minor assembly and preliminary paint this morning. This one will stay on the back burner until I can free up more time to work on it. Regardless, it feels nice to have it started.

8 thoughts on “I’m On A Roll

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to all of them being finished! This is my second Avenger build. The only trouble areas, if you want to call them that, are the turret and the glass on the underside. They were frustrating to work around on the last build.


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