The Slow Return

There were a few comments following my last post about the tidiness of my work area. While I do like to keep a somewhat organized desk, it will inevitably look like the photo below. And that’s the product of a good forty minute session today. 

The canopies were the topic of my last post and they remain at the forefront of my current progress. The Spitfire and Stuka were the easy projects this morning with just a few minor gaps to fill. The Babs and the Avenger received a little detail work with their cockpits. I installed the various tiny parts and held off on the canopy installation. I didn’t want to risk any fogging to the canopies so I will let the glue set up and get them attached tonight.

It’s slow going so far but two sessions down and I’m feeling pretty accomplished. The routine is starting to come back so I’m hoping for a quick recovery. 

8 thoughts on “The Slow Return

  1. Looking a bit more lived in. 🙂 That light looks good. I might get myself one. I struggle for light in our old cottage, not helped by stupid the energy saving bulbs which give no light out!

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