It’s Been A While

This has certainly been my longest “break” since I re-entered the hobby. It’s unfamiliar territory and I feel like I am in recovery mode. The time away has been a good recharge for me. It felt like the only progress that was being accomplished was becoming burdensome in the fight. So I felt it necessary to step away for a bit. In reality, I thought I would take a week or two and be right back. Well here we are…over a month later and I very carefully resumed the four builds that were started back in May. 

This will be a new challenge for me. Slowly and patiently, I plan to resume building the Stuka, Spitfire, Babs, and Avenger. I am not sure how I will approach them yet so I chose an easy task to start in masking the underside of the Spitfire this afternoon. Success! Yay me! I also applied one last application of flat white to the underside of the Avenger. I would like to try and get that masked off tomorrow but I won’t start setting goals just yet. 

The Babs is ready to resume final paint. I will likely group it with the Avenger and Spitfire to make one big paint party. First things first though. I need to clean my airbrush. It was giving me problems the last time around and after a month of sitting in limbo, I’m sure it’s nice and grimy. It’ll get a good soak in thinner tomorrow.

The Stuka never made it to paint and I honestly don’t think it will until the other three are completed. There are a few odds and ends that need to be addressed before I can start paint anyway so I will work on those aspects for the time being. Anything is possible so I won’t exactly count the Stuka out. I’m just trying to stay realistic.

 It’s strange to be in this situation after so many months of building. It was a good break that I absolutely needed. Everything seems foreign to me now which is scary. My routine is abolished and ready to form a new one. I am glad to finally be back in the game again. 

31 thoughts on “It’s Been A While

  1. I am glad to see you back. The big house move probably took you away for some time. Getting the work area ready and organized probably took a while too. Now that things have started to calm down I think you will find your way to a new and pleasing routine. Happy building and welcome back! 🙂

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  2. Glad to ear that your “back in business”! For me, a couple of days away from the workbench and I’m crawling walls (just ask my wife!). Regarding your airbrush problems, you wrote that your soaking it in thinner. What type of thinner? I’m not an airbrush expert, but I would not recommend soaking and airbrush in any thinner (even plain old ethanol). I say this mainly because of the airvalve, which contains at least one o-ring. This o-rings are made to be airtight, but might not react very well to certain solvents. If your airbrush has the needle really stuck and soaking is unavoidable, at least remove the airvalve from the airbrush before soaking (the documentation that is supplied with the airbrush should indicate how to remove it). As for regular airbrush care, I follow Ken Schlotfeldt mantra of putting cleaner through it ( and rarely need to do any major disassembly. Cheers

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  3. I think your ‘problem’ – if it was one – was too many goals, too many builds on the go at the same time. BTW who’s is the F-35 kit in the pic above please ..and where is the build article please ?

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  4. Hi there, glad to see you back. I think it is quite natural, that sometimes one needs to get rest or do something completely different. It’s just a hobby anyway, so there should be no pressure.
    When I get tired with the projects on my bench, I just start a new one, looking for something refreshing (light tanks in 1/35 from late twenties or early thirties work good for me, but I have also a battleship Markgraf in 1/350…). Sometimes also like to spend some time on assembling Friulmodel tracks for my future projects. Quite borring job, so happy to come back to plastic later :).

    Good luck and … let’s build!

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    • You’re right. And it’s not like I wanted to take the break. I was forcing all my progress and it just doesn’t work that way. I’m still taking it slowly. Honestly I forgot what it was like to have the hobby. It’s like starting all over again. It’s a good thing though.


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