Back To The Workbench

I am happy to say that the final load of the move has been taken off of the trailer and made its way into the house. I know that I have said that before but this time, it’s for real. We spent the better part of yesterday shopping for furniture so no model building. Two couches, two night stands, and an outdoor iron rocker later and done! We have had that ugly trailer in our driveway for a month now for the vigilant eyes of our covenance watch dogs to get upset with the new neighbors. Now we can all be one happy community. Even better now with the back and forth of moving gone, I have free time again!

So I spent about an hour or so on Friday getting a little farther on all four kits. Just basic work but huge in the morale boosting department. The Avenger, Stuka, and Spitfire saw the final sanding completed and horizontal stabilizers attached. There are a few small areas to address before I can move on to final paint but I should get that started within the next few days.

The Babs is pretty much in the same state as the others. I just needed to fill the seam at the engine cowling. I made the mistake of not noticing that it would be exposed so I filled it up. I will get that sanded this afternoon and it will be all caught up. I have still yet to accomplish any preliminary painting on any of the four so that will also be the focus for today. 

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