Slowly Building

Activity around the Amateur Airplanes household continues at a steady pace. My workbench time seems to only be achieved at very minimal moments during the week. This is certainly far from what I am accustomed to and I am obviously fighting to get a grip here. I know that I shouldn’t rush things so I guess I will just have to suck it up for as long as it takes.

The progress may not be coming at a rate that I am used to, but at least it is coming along. I last left off with the wings being attached on all four builds. Tonight proved to be another boost in morale with the sanding and priming of the wing roots. Now is the time that each kit starts to individualize and seperate from each other in terms of progress. The Babs and Stuka look great so far. I should be able to move on with both builds. The Avenger will need a little more sanding but not much. 

The Spitfire is proving to be my challenge here. The fit of the underside of the wing was just puzzling. There was a lack of really anything to attach it to so basically a whole lot of super glue is taking the place of plastic. That situation is handled and the gaps have been filled. I don’t forsee too much more sanding which is always a plus. I’d like to say that I will keep going tomorrow but my track record is failing me lately. So for now I will say that I hope to get a little bit farther in the next few days. 

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