Canberra PR.9

I’m happy with the results that the PR.9 turned out. However, I find the kit lacking in detail as usual. It’s has a great deal of surface area that there is so much that Revell could have added to make a much better kit. My usual complaint of a closed canopy and rudimentary detail on the inside lead the list. An opened up engine compartment would have been the perfect compliment. All in all I can’t complain a whole lot because it still came out well enough. 

The decals were a bit of an issue too. Well, the instructions for the decal placement proved to be the culprit. Some decals weren’t labeled at all where to go. Just a mystery line with no number assigned. Most of the time I was left trying to figure out where each line pointed too due to them blending into the aircrafts paint guide. Not a fun time but I think I managed to get through okay. 

My own little mistake almost left me with a tail sitter. When I have to add weight to any kit, I always try to leave a contingency plan just in case I didn’t add enough. The Canberras plan was to add more through the cockpit if needed. Looney me, I affixed the canopy before giving it a test to see if it would stand on all three (four) wheels. Of course it wasn’t adequate enough. I removed the canopy and dumped a whole lot more weight in until I was more than sufficient. Problem solved, canopy reinstalled. This also worries me because now I’m doubting myself on the other Canberra. At least I’m prepared.

18 thoughts on “Canberra PR.9

  1. It’s a very nice result considering the kit’s Matchbox origins.

    Revell could have added some extras to it, but it likely wouldn’t have been worth doing given the kit’s age. They just use the old Matchbox kits to bulk up the catalog. To their credit, Matchox did have some unique subjects that nobody else has covered and Revell should be credited for keeping them in circulation.

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  2. The Canberra was always a strange aircraft for me. It should have been a lot more exciting than it was, given its forebear, the Mosquito. Perhaps swept wings might have been better. No quarrels with the finished product, though. Splendid work as always!

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  3. It still looks great despite lacking the detail you desire. I might be going to an airshow tomorrow if the weather holds out. Blue Angels will be there and I am excited to get some cool shots.

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