F9F-8 Cougar

The Cougar turned out to be one of those all around great builds to work on. I very happily cruised on through without much adversity. Great cockpit detail and workable decals highlight this kit. It was a combo from Hasegawa so I have another to build in the future. 

The clear matte didn’t turn out how I had expected but I still think it turned out well. For some reason it dried with a slight gloss instead of a flat look. Even multiple coats from different spray cans produced the same irking result. I played the hand dealt and moved on. I certainly can’t ever expect to be problem free and I am very pleased with the end result. The feeling of finishing a model never gets old. 

24 thoughts on “F9F-8 Cougar

  1. I have to admit, I never heard of the Cougar before you posted the first WIP pictures, but it is one lovely aircraft. It has the era looks but at the same time there are some features that are very modern. Looking at the jet intakes and the angles where the wings meet the hull, it has a very modern look to it. Some parts actually remind me of the current generation of stealth fighters. I would be interested to know how much of a radar signature it actually has.

    And after all my rambling…great job! It really shows that you enjoyed this project!

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  2. Phenomenal work as always, man!

    I’m not a fan of these transitional, transonic aircraft, as a rule, but man, that is a real beaut! I have to re-examine these subjects as potential models to build now, all thanks to you!

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