Of course, “V” is for victory. All five builds saw action at the airbrush this morning. Out of the five, the B-25 and Cougar are finished with final paint. I will get the decals started tomorrow on both builds and prep them for weathering. The Pr.9 will need it’s last color in the camouflage and the B-57 will need two more colors. The F-2 is doing well with the dark blue being all that needs to be airbrushed. I will need to paint the tips of the horizontal stabilizers grey at some point but with it being such a small area, I will mask them off and use a rattle can. 

It feels great to have them all in some stage of final paint. The day didn’t start off very positive though. A good hour was spent cleaning my airbrush. I dutifully re-assembled all the parts to make the airbrush whole again and proceeded out to the garage for a power session. The Cougar was first up. The paint was mixed and the air pressure was ideal. The trigger was given an initial push….and nothing. Zero air flow. In that moment, a thousand thoughts went through my mind. Did I assemble it incorrectly? Did I brake something during that process? Am I going to have to shelve my current builds until I get this figured out? Well, for some weird reason, the pressure valve wouldn’t open when I pressed the trigger down. When I would take the valve off the airbrush and press the pin in, it would work. Installed…nope. After repeating this a few times, I was able to get a little life out of it. Slowly I was able to get it back to normal. My best guess is that some paint back flowed in and clogged it up. Just to be safe, I am going to order a new valve for the future. 





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