Progress remains in the forefront here at the Amateur Airplanes workbench with some excellent gains over the last few days. So here comes the bad part. The B-25 joins the exclusive club of dropped kits. Over the course of the year, I average one or two that I unfortunately drop. In this case, it slipped off of the alligator clip while I was priming the fuselage. Now if I have to drop a kit, this is the time to do it. Damage, of course, was done but not as bad as some past builds. Also, I am in the early stages of the build which is miles better than when I normally drop them after final paint. Basically, from top turret back to the tail on the top and bottom came apart. The nose gear strut also sheared off. Yeah…not a fun boo boo. It certainly could have been worse. I would have needed to add some filler to those seams anyway. So I re-glued the seams and now we move on. 

 The F-2 remains dormant until I can mix up a good color. I finished up all basic construction and I hope to get final paint started tomorrow morning. I’m off the next two days so I hope to have the F-2 ready for final assembly by Wednesday or Thursday. Along with the F-2, the Cougar and both Canberras will take their places at the airbrush. The Cougar was masked up tonight while the Canberras had their undersides painted. I will mask them off in the morning and have them ready for the top sides to be painted. Aside from dropping the B-25, I would chalk it up as a good weekend.


10 thoughts on “Whoopsie

  1. I’ve dropped many a car model in various stages of the build as well…to me the worst is when you drop the engine after assembling 30 little pieces with wiring, etc. and it virtually shatters. Glad this one was just during priming!

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