No Surprise Here

It was only a matter of time and I am certainly not shocked, but I have added another build. Progress is going so well that I figured it would be prudent to go ahead and start this new venture. This decision started last week when I visited the Tennessee Aviation Museum. Normally I don’t get super excited about anything other than the airplanes themselves within the museum. I am a big sentimental guy when it comes to history and there was one item in the display case that stopped me and I just had to get a picture of it. 

 Jimmy Doolittle is about as famous a name in aviation circles as  Justin Beiber is to a flock of teenage girls. Now I have still not found the correlation between him and Tennessee but they have his Medal of Honor on display. Granted, it’s just a medal in a frame but it’s what the medal is for that made me stop to appreciate it’s representation in American history. For those of you who don’t know where I’m going with this, Jimmy Doolittle led Americas first retaliatory attack on Japanese soil after Pearl Harbor. The Doolittle Raid (Tokyo Raid) was an impractical idea to launch sixteen B-25B Mitchell’s off the deck of the USS Hornet. It still shocks me that it actually worked. I’m quite positive that in the whole design process of the B-25, it was never considered to be a carrier-bourne aircraft. So the sixteen B-25’s were lucky to get off the deck of the USS Hornet and were not to return. The plan was to travel through Japan and land in China. Out of the sixteen aircraft, fifteen crash landed in China and one actually made a good landing in the Soviet Union. It may seem like a pointless mission but it showed the American public that we could reach Japan at their doorstep.

I have been wanting to build a B-25 for about five years when I bought the first of my two Testors (Italeri) kits. The inspiration is in full effect now so I’m going for it. The kit looks great for it’s age. I remember these boxings as a kid so it adds an extra element to the build. The detail looks good but I will need to add some more in the nose. Not a big deal. All interior painting was done last night so I can get started on assembly today. The wings and engine nacelles were assembled last night and can now be sanded and filled. I noticed a sizable gap when it comes time to attach the nacelles to the wings so I know that I have some added work to do in the future. I’m going to take my time on this one and try to make a super weathered B-25. I have to search for some after market decals as I certainly don’t trust the aged factory ones. I also would like to get a set depicting one of the Raiders. 


28 thoughts on “No Surprise Here

    • Oh wow. Huge! There is a 1/72 scale USS Enterprise at the Naval Aviation Museum and it is massive. It’s fully stocked with aircraft which makes it that much more impressive. As a model builder it literally left me in awe. It was probably 8-10 feet long. Maybe more. HUGE!


  1. Well, all medals awarded for heroic action in combat are symbols of a far greater act, but a CMH is way more than “just” a medal. Most are awarded to guys who never came home. All are awarded to those who actions went we beyond the call of duty.

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  2. My poll is getting nowhere. 4 votes. 50% – 50%.
    I think the only way to jump start it is for you to reblog it on your blog.
    Just a thought.

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