The Turnaround 

Progress is finally at the forefront of the workbench again and I couldn’t be happier for the respite. Maybe the vacation was just the proponent needed to get to the next level that I have been lacking for quite some time. Regardless, I am holding on tight and taking advantage of the situation.

The morning started off exactly where it needed to start with the Wildcat. I am not going to do any work on the other four builds until I work on the Wildcat first. So the weathering was completed today along with some paint chipping and touch-ups. I’m thinking I could probably have it wrapped up tomorrow instead of Saturday. 

Every set of builds has one that separates itself from the others production wise and this time it’s the F-2. I am very impressed so far and needless to say, enjoying this buil greatly. The wings were installed today and don’t look too bad. I filled some small gaps in the wing roots and all it will need is a final sand. I also started the intake assembly today and again, all looks well so far. I think a good sanding of the seams will suffice. Tomorrow will see the sanding completed and I would like to start on all the ordinance. Not a huge list at all. 

 The Cougar is another pleasurable kit so far. While it’s not as far along as the F-2, it certainly isn’t lacking. Filler was applied to two small areas and I went ahead and attached the bottom half of the wing assembly. I will let the glue set up and finish the wings up tonight so I can get some final sanding done tomorrow. Aside from that, I want to get the ordinance started on this one as well. 

 The Canberras certainly aren’t pulling tail-end-Charlie duty because of performance issues. They are both actually going quite well. The fact that their fuselages are like a mile long, they require more attention to the seams. Both kits need additional work but not much. I think I can move past filling and sanding over the weekend. I was able to install the B-57’s massive honker in the FLIR system. I will need to do some exact filling in very tight spots so I will take my sweet time getting that done. Not a bad start for all four kits at all. 


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