Decal Day

Another big step for my current builds occurred over the weekend in the decal applications. I feel like I can finally breathe a little easier knowing that I don’t have to rely on the weather being perfect or having to sand and fill any seams. This is the fun part now. I am at the threshold of final assembly and hope to start finishing them up in the next few days.

The applications for all three kits applied very well. The Polikarpov’s were by far the best. There were no issues with either. Of the three builds so that made for an easy day of work. The next step will be a good coat of clear matte and then I can proceed with the weathering of the three. The Wildcat’s decals have still not arrived so I am thinking it’s time to get another set ordered. Realistically, it probably won’t get finished for another two weeks or so. We leave for vacation on Friday so If I miraculously receive the original set then it can join me in Tennessee. I’m not betting on that scenario so more than likely it will sit until after vacation. 


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