Adding More To The Paint Docket

The Harrier and Wildcat are coming along quite nicely and it’s looking like they will join the backlog of kits needing their skin very soon. Last night provided a mini-session at the workbench that reaped satisfying results. Starting off with the Wildcat, I really didn’t get a whole lot accomplished. It really comes down to what I accomplished. The wing roots were sanded and look pretty good to proceed. They still need primer but in my own judgment, they’ll pass. The horizontal stabilizers were the other facet of my brief time with the Wildcat last night. With those affixed and after a good coat of primer, it will be time to move on to paint. 

 Onto the Harrier, I am quite pleased with the progress from yesterday. The exhaust nozzles, air intakes, and the belly cannons were installed. There will be a little bit more prep work involved before I can transition into final paint, but not too much. The interior of the air intakes need to be painted beforehand as well as masked off. I think I will take the very easy way out and use silly putty for this task. The only other major item is the cannons. The halves kept snapping in half when I was trying to sand the seams so I decided to attach them first to provide more support so they don’t continue to break. So obviously I need to finish sanding them down and add some filler in a few tiny areas. Not a big job. I better get moving on the airbrush soon or I am going to be in a pickle very soon. We are supposed to get a snow storm this week so I am starting to sweat it. 


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