Turning Lemons Into Lemonade 

Instead of continually complaining about how I can’t get out to the airbrush to get some much needed painting completed, I will embrace the opportunity to use the extra time to devote towards the Harrier and Wildcat builds. They remain the only positive on the workbench for now. I hope the weekend will bring better results but I have plenty of work to keep me occupied with the Wildcat and Harrier. 

The Wildcat is extremely sparse in the cockpit department so it was basically just skipping that step and attaching the fuselage halves together. It looks like it will sand well and I think I can make it without any filler. Fingers crossed! The wings were also assembled and await the sanding of the leading edges. The wings look worse than the fuselage so that is kind of encouraging. 

 The Harrier is coming along nicely as well. The main fuselage was assembled a few days ago while I worked on the cockpit/nose section. I finished up the cockpit last night and installed it this morning. The seams look promising on this one as well so I’m hoping for an easy sand and onto wing assembly. The weekend looks extremely open for progress and I plan on size in every bit of it.


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