Great Weekend 

To measure how successful a weekend was, I don’t normally base it off of how far I actually get. I tend to be happy with little quality gains and anything else is extra credit. This past weekend was one of those rarities where I get farther than I really planned for. 

The Fw 190 could have gotten a little farther for my taste but I’m still sitting pretty good. The waist band was painted RLM 23 on Saturday and then masked off yesterday. The underside needs to be repainted due to some color differences from the initial painting. I’m not exactly sure how it happened but the fact is that it did and it needs to be fixed. Certainly not my worst mistake. I’m thinking tomorrow will be a great day to get that addressed. 

 The true success came in the Polikarpov and Macchi builds. Both kits have performed quite well and as you can see are almost finished with construction. The Macchi has a few gaps to fill and the Polikarpov has just the wing roots to address so far. The picture was taken before I attached the fuselage to the lower wing. I’m happy with my progress and feeling very motivated to keep up the pace. 


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