Positive Progression

Painting the Bv-141 and Fw-190 have begun with great success. The break in the cold weather was a welcome treat allowing me a good window to get them started. The Bv-141 only needed RLM 02 so it is finished with paint. The plan is to start decals tonight and weather it tomorrow. That isn’t a tall order by any means so I am hoping for a Friday finish. 

 The Fw-190 will take a little more time with a couple more colors still needed. I just bought an Airwaves photo-etched stencil for the mottling that I am going to try on this build. But first I need to paint the red band on the waist. I will get that masked tonight and hopefully painted tomorrow. My best bet is to shoot for the weekend to wrap this build up. 

 The Polikarpov and Macchi haven’t moved since preliminary paint. Well, I started detail work on the seats by painting the cushions. Not a whole lot of progress but it’ll add up. Cockpit work will be on the agenda for tonight. I don’t plan on getting a lot done as I have to go back in to work tonight for a double. If I can get the seat belts finished and instrument panels detailed then it’ll have been a good night. 

6 thoughts on “Positive Progression

  1. Wow, this is quite a blog. You clearly are very passionate about your hobby. This takes me back to when I was 9 or 10, my father used to take a lot of care over making Airfix models and painting them. My brother and I used to have a go at making them too.

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  2. I’m glad somebody is making progress on their models despite work! 😉 I’ve got a hawker hurricane waiting for decals, varnish and weathering, a hawker fury needing decals and rigging and a set of ground crew figures half painted. The crew figures have been like that since Christmas. I will hopefully have the fury finished this weekend. The day job is consuming far too much of my time! 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing your FW 190 completed. It is a favourite of mine.

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