Fresh Start 

This weekend was the most productive and busy weekends that I have had in quite some time. I was lucky enough to turn a few broken hours into a nice setup for the week. 

The Bv-141 and Fw-190 have completed initial construction and are awaiting the beginning of final paint. It’s looking like a high of 45 degrees here today so I’m thinking it’s a distinct possibility to get the bellies painted this afternoon. 

So with those two pretty well wrapped up, I have stuck to my plan of waiting to start any new projects. My original idea was to wait until the wings were on to start the next set of builds so I’m technically behind. Both the Veltro and Polikarpov were situated last night onto their work boards and I was even able to squeeze all the preliminary painting in. 

Both kits look great and should make for a pleasurable effort. The cockpits will be the main focus for today. I’d really like to get most of the assembly complete but we’ll see about all that. I’m quite happy with the progress so far. 


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