P-40E Warhawk

While I was finishing my Lancaster, my son was finishing up his P-40. Maybe it’s the proud Dad talking but I think he did a fantastic job. He turned out to be a great student and I think he’s hooked now. We already have his next build picked out.

So the build itself was 95% him. The canopy masking and installation along with the gear bay doors were the only aspects that I intervened with. The rest was all him. He took on the filling and sanding like a champ and it shows. He chose not to weather it and leave it with a clean look. It’s not what I’d go with but it’s nice to see his independence start to show. He has even “allowed” me to display it with my builds.


36 thoughts on “P-40E Warhawk

    • Thank you! I’m more of a weather it guy but there are certainly times when a clean look is better. He wanted to leave it fresh looking so I’m okay with that. Another reminder that I need to keep quiet. He’s happy so I’m happy.

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    • Thank you! His next pick is actually a submarine. I’ve had it sitting around for a few years and he’s all for giving it a go. I may have a Mustang on the workbench soon. Maybe two of them. I’ve been kicking around some ideas.

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  1. He did a great job! I started my girls off doing some model making last year as a nice hobby for us to do together over winter, when it is too cold or wet outside to do much else. They enjoyed it and have made several little 1/72nd planes. I only got back into the hobby myself 18 months ago after a 20 year absence. I enjoy it but am not at your standard. It is just a really nice way to relax.

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    • Thank you! You sound exactly like me. I had twenty years away and started back up about 5 years ago. My kits in the beginning were terrible. Every build gets better and as long as it’s fun….it really doesn’t matter how they look. It’s a great hobby and kudos for getting your daughters involved.


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