Mistakes Will Happen 

The past few days have been interesting here to say the least. I learned a valuable lesson on the benefits of priming with the Lancaster build. The freezing temperatures gave way to mid 40’s temperatures so I took advantage of the situation and headed out to the airbrush. My lesson soon followed after I sprayed the tan on. Between the top turret and canopy, there was a curvy ridge that I missed during my last sanding session. I was pretty confident in my work so I regretfully opted not to put any primer on to double check myself. Bad move. 


Little blemishes I can deal with from time to time. This was beyond the range of little and had to be addressed. So out came the sand paper again to remove the ridge. I made sure to prime it this time and all was well. One minor misstep in the process threw me off. Back out to the airbrush I went to redo the tan. The second time around was much quicker with just a small area to touch up. RAF Dark Green was the final color to be applied and I’m liking the results. Today will maybe be a decal day depending on how much time I have. I would expect it to be finished by the weekend at least. 

The Fw-190 hasn’t moved since my last post. The BV-141’s cockpit has been the point of focus the past few days. The clear parts have been installed to give me a better understanding of what needs filling and sanded down. The port side wing has been installed as well as the small section of wing between the fuselage and cockpit. I filled some small gaps but overall the wings had a great fit. There will be quite a bit more sanding to accomplish in the next few days but I’m feeling great about my progress. 


4 thoughts on “Mistakes Will Happen 

  1. Hi, just stumbled on your blog after you visited mine – I’m also a model builder! Cars, though…haven’t done much in planes…definitely following yours and will watch your project progress! 🙂

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