Moving Along

The past few days have been laid back in my approach to building. Little victories are just as acceptable as big ones in my book. As long as I can progress a little bit then I am happy. The weather continues to impede me painting the Lancaster for now but I’m getting anxious to get going so I may give it a try tomorrow. 

As far as the BV-141 and Fw-190 are concerned, I’m very pleased with where they currently sit. I assembled the cockpits, wings, and fuselage halves last night on both builds and began sanding this morning. 

The BV-141 is looking pretty good so far. The fuselage was sanded with much luck on my side. There are only a few tiny gaps to fill. The cockpit, however, happens to need some extra attention. While sanding, the three small joins in the upper portion of the cockpit came apart. If history shows me anything at all, it’s that this will continue to happen over and over again. So I decided to add some strength to them by affixing some flat sprue on the underside. I will just clip the excess and give it a quick sand. The wings were also sanded and a few spots were filled today as well. I’d like to be able to have them installed by the beginning of the week if possible. 

The Fw-190 is proof why I enjoy Academy kits so much. This is a jewel of a kit so far. The cockpit installed well and the fuselage barely needed any sanding. The bottom portion of the wings were installed today and the top halves will follow suit soon. I see no reason that I can’t have this one ready for paint by the end of the weekend. 


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