Go Away Winter!

The B-26 is starting to get me excited being so close to final assembly. The decals were applied yesterday and weathering was addressed this afternoon. Decal wise, they were the quality expected after the time I had with this kit. If I were ever to attempt this kit again (I do have another one), I would certainly get a sheet of after market decals. They were very delicate and brittle. They did form well to the kit but some of the edges curled while they were drying. I had to touch up spots where they flaked off. Luckily it was just flat black instead of a more unique color. For the edges that were curled, I used a little dab of Elmers Glue to secure them down. Tomorrow is the big day for final assembly. 

 The Lancaster had high hopes to get back out to the airbrush today but the temperature dropped down to 6 degrees so I decided to stay in by the fire. The masking was done last night and I just wish I had taken it out and painted it then. Oh well. I’m off tomorrow so I may try to get out there in the early afternoon. 


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