It’s Been A Great Week

The forecast for the next two days calls for a high of 39 degrees here. That is my window to get out to the airbrush and finally be able to move forward. Surprisingly, the Lancaster is on the schedule to get airbrushed. I have worked quite a bit to get it to this point and I am very excited to be in this position. 

The wing roots were filled before I went to bed last night and sanded this afternoon. I also installed the canopy yesterday and went ahead and filled the gaps today. I gave it a quick sand after I got home from church tonight then primed it. So far, all looks well. If I don’t see any issues tomorrow, it will join the B-26 and P-40 out at the airbrush for lots of black. 

The Fw-190 and BV-141 have made their way to their respective workboards and will make it out during the brief thaw of winter for preliminary paint. I would like to have the cockpits finished by the weekend if possible. That might be a stretch considering there are two builds going through final paint that will need decals and weathering. We’ll see how that goes. For now I will just do whatever I can to further the builds. 


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