It’s Looking Like An Airplane

Today was again a very cold day and far from ideal to travel out and brave the frigid weather Chicago has been receiving. Painting will resume as soon as it warms up a little bit. Until then I am taking every opportunity to advance the Lancaster. This afternoon saw little but meaningful strides at the workbench. I finished masking all of the clear parts and moved the fuselage ever so close to moving on. I sanded quite a bit and hit it with some primer. The fuselage should be able to be  wrapped up with a light sanding tomorrow. 

The wings were the highlight of the day with major progress as the reward. They may have been atrocious in the beginning but they are working for me now. The engine nacelles were attached and to my happy surprise, they needed minimal filler. As soon as the fuselage passes final sanding, the wings will get attached. The dry fit revealed some good gaps at the wing roots so the filling isn’t quite over with. At least I am making positive ground here. 


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