All In On The Lancaster

The Fw-190 and BV-141 have been started and may make it out to preliminary paint today. The B-26 and my son’s P-40 need to make it out to the airbrush as well. It’s been a mild winter here but it’s 19 degrees outside right now. That’s without wind chill factored in. My airbrush also has a terrible track record in colder temperatures so needless to say, I do not want to freeze out in the garage today.

This is exactly the reason for my multiple builds. With the builds that need painting sitting on the sidelines, I have the Lancaster, Fw-190, and BV-141 that need plenty of work. The Fw-190 and BV-141 have all their parts clipped and now they too are dormant until the temperature warms up. That leaves the Lancaster. There is no shortage of work on that project. The fuselage is getting better as each application of filler is applied. Instead of big gaps, I now only have small ones to attend to. The belly is basically finished. Today’s project was the wings and stabilizers. The wings were a challenge with inconsistencies in the fit. I had to glue and secure the root end first and then adjust before I could glue the rest. Definitely weird. The flaps and elevators had plenty of flashing to make my way through before I could actually start assembly. That’s all finished for now. I gave them a rough sand but I will need to get some filler on virtually all of the leading edges. The clear parts have also been started with the masking process. There are really no defining edges to go by so I am using reference photos to go off of.It seems like every inch of this kit is going to make me work for it. I don’t think it will be as bad as it seems though. The B-26 sat in this same spot a month ago and now it’s making its way through final paint. That is certainly an encouragement. It’ll take time but I have high hopes and I’m actually very happy to be working on it. As much of a pig build it is, I don’t have the dread of the challenge now. 


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