This afternoon has shown me how much better it can be working on three kits rather than six at once. I feel great on all fronts of my workbench. The Fw-190 and BV-141 are staged and ready to fit in. I will get deeper involved with them both tomorrow. The Bronco has been weathered and partially assembled. The great, and I mean great, news is that it sits on all three wheels instead of it’s tail. I installed the landing gear and the centerline fuel tank that I previously put weight into and the sit test absolutely shocked me. I was already planning a support for it but now I happily don’t need it. I will finish the Bronco up this weekend and get it up on the shelf. 

 The B-26 had a successful day with its belly finally getting painted. Seeing it with paint on makes me very happy after the climb that it took to get to this point. I will get it masked off tomorrow and hopefully make my way to the airbrush to give it the final color. It won’t be long now! 

 Last but not least, the Lancaster has finally been sanded and primed. I sat down with the engine nacelles and fuselage for about an hour this afternoon. There is still plenty of work to be done. I just hope that it doens’t become a repeat of the B-26. It is unfortunately looking that way but at least I know that it can be done. 


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