Let’s Get This B-26 Completed

Well it’s full steam ahead on the B-26. The Bronco had its decals sealed in with a coat of clear so it’s catch up time with the B-26 build. There wasn’t much to get accomplished today but the little that needed addressed did so. I started the morning off by filling the gaps in the canopy and horizontal stabilizers. I ended the afternoon with the tail gunner glass installed and filled as well as the canopy sanded. Once I can get all that finished, I can graciously begin final paint. 

The landing gear was another aspect that I worked on today. The wheels were cut from the resin and sanded. Holes were needed to fit the metal gear struts so I drilled them out and gave it a good dry fit. I won’t affix them until final assembly though. With the wheels having the weighted appearance, I need to install the struts first so I can position the wheels correctly. I am very pleased to say that it won’t be long now. This build felt as if it would never get to this point so I am going to keep my foot on the gas pedal and hopefully see it finished over the weekend. High hopes, yes I know. 


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