A Good Start To 2016

With two builds out of the way and soon to be a third, my time is freeing up to give the limping B-26 and Lancaster some effective attention. The Lancaster is waiting for a good initial sanding. I’ve kind of put it to the side while I finish up other builds but its time is coming soon. The B-26 had another breakthrough today with the canopy, nose, and horizontal stabilizers installed. The canopy looks horrible and will need some filling but compared to what I’ve been dealing with, I’ll gladly take it.

 The Skyraider will be the next featured kit probably tomorrow. I missed the weapons pylons in preliminary paint and had to get them painted this morning. Everything else is completed so it won’t take any time to get the pylons attached.

 The Bronco is another success as of late. I grabbed the color I needed over the weekend and re-painted it. I sprayed a coat of clear gloss on a few hours ago so I will let that dry and start on decals tomorrow.

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