364 Days Until Christmas 

Christmas has departed as quickly as it arrived.  I was fully expecting to be held away from my workbench until at least today but I found a small window between my kids seeing what loot Santa brought them and the extended family coming over for Christmas lunch. In that time, I was able to get the decals on the Skywarrior. More work should have been accomplished but the decals took their sweet time to release from the backing. I ended up having to cut them out at once and soak them together to pick up the pace. Application was superb with very easy handling. I will get some clear on this morning and start weathering maybe tonight. As for the rest of the builds, I’ll try to get out to the airbrush this afternoon to get the camouflage going. 

 Hopefully Santa was as good to you as he was to me. He actually came early this year with a shipment from Tower Hobbies. Trumpeter’s Fw-200 has been on my watch list for some time and when it came up on an inventory close out for $25.00, I had to grab it. This kit will make it’s debut very soon in 2016. Hasegawa’s Polikarpov I-153 and Kawasaki Ki10-II were also in the close out section and I couldn’t pass them by either. Both will be built sometime in 2016. Not a bad haul for $54.00. 


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