Christmas Eve Painting

My airbrush plan didn’t pan out yesterday as usual, but I utilized my time this morning to take a massive step forward on five of the six builds. I certainly didn’t want to get out in the cold this morning but I used the band-aid approach and just jumped in. When I have multiple kits with different colors to paint, I like to start with the lightest color and progress to the darkest color. This method lets me keep a good rhythm without a deep clean of my airbrush. I will run some lacquer thinner through the airbrush before each color just to clear the previous color out. So I started with the Skywarrior and Bronco using flat gull gray. Next was the MiG-29 with plain old green. Last, I painted the Skyraider and Voodoo with dark tan.

The Skywarrior has completed final paint and will give me plenty of work with final construction. The rest will need a few more sessions at the airbrush which won’t happen until Saturday at the earliest. The B-26 will get some more filler on today and maybe get a light sanding tonight. More than likely my Santa duties will keep me from that though. Either way I am considering today a great success. 


8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Painting

  1. I think this is a good way to spend a Christmas morning! Really looking forward to the final models… having looked through your blog over the past few days, those should come out marvellous! Merry Christmas to you!

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