Tying Up the Loose Ends

If you take enough tiny movements in the forward direction, you will eventually arrive at your desired destination. I’m grasping onto that concept as I perform all the little tasks within the six current builds. I’m comfortable with how each one sits and now I feel that I am ready to dig into the “smalls”. What I mean by that is the real small parts such as pitot tubes. I usually wait (forget) to address these parts until final assembly. That doesn’t mesh too well when they need to be painted. So I’m trying to introduce a shift in the way that I interact with each build. It makes more sense to paint them while I am painting the aircraft so why not try it that way? I can always touch them up if need be. This is my first stab at changing this area of my approach to a build so I’ll keep trying different ways until I get it right. 

Only minor issues have been addressed today. I may steal some time later tonight but either way I’m good with what’s been accomplished here. The B-26’s wings and engine cowlings were the stars of the workbench today. I sanded them up again and will get them primed in a little while. They’re giving me hope by the way that they are looking so I’m quite happy about that. 

 Other tiny gains are the Voodoo getting its belly painted along with the Skyraider getting its second round of flat white. I’ll get the Skyraider masked off tomorrow and hold off until I can catch the Voodoo up. The Skywarrior has been left behind with the canopy being installed and a layer of black sprayed on for the canopy interior color as well as for the anti glare shield. I’ll mask off the nose tonight or tomorrow and get back to the underside. 

The Broncos canopy installation was a bit hokey so I filled some seams on it this morning to give it a cleaner look upon final paint. I will prime it today to make sure I didn’t miss anything. After I master that, it’s officially ready for paint. In the meantime, I have to figure out a solution for the tail sitter disease that it unfortunately contracted. In my defense, there is ZERO room to put much of anything in the nose. I put the bulk of what I could add behind the cockpit. I did put some in the external fuel tank so that may help out. For now I am left puzzled at what to do and open to anyone who has a suggestion. Any Bronco builders out there? 

 Lastly, the MiG-29 has been masked. I’ve been working on the cockpit so I can get the windscreen attached. I want to fill any gaps now instead of after final paint. I have to hit the nose with some flat black and get it masked before I can begin on the top colors. I’d say by tomorrow night it will be all set to go. 

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