Transitioning to Paint

Obtaining a productive sit down session with the B-26 has become a bit of a rarity so far this week. So I have been focusing on the smaller victories in the rest of the builds. Each of the remaining five kits have mini-projects that are perfect for a time constrained schedule.

So first off, the Skywarrior and Skyraider have graduated to final paint this morning. I sprayed both of their undersides with flat white. The Skywarrior revealed a few spots that need some added filling but certainly not a major task. I will take care of that when the paint cures and get a second round of flat white applied. 

The MiG-29 is completed on the construction front and is ready to have the belly painted. I need to delve a little deeper into the paint colors to get an accurate color. The instructions call for Light Ghost Gray and I am just a little skeptical of that. I will be painting this in a camouflage scheme so their are a few colors involved in the search. Once I can figure that out, I will be ready to start final paint. 

 The Bronco will be ready for final paint soon. I have started assembling the canopy. Once it is installed, I will spray it with flat black for the interior color and then It’s off to paint. The Voodoo is another that is on the cusp of final paint. I found a few areas that needed some further sanding and filling. The canopy was installed this morning and after the final sanding gets completed, I will start on painting this one as well. 


4 thoughts on “Transitioning to Paint

  1. as always…yep, thats what I want to say. You alway amaze me with your dedication to detail and this post on painting demonstrates exactly that to me.
    Even though I am not a model maker I can enjoy that experience vicariously through you.

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