The P-40 Project

While the majority of my current builds remain in the sanding process, I thought now would be a good time for an update on my sons P-40 build. I’m actually quite jealous at his approach to it and I can learn a whole lot from him in that department. He’s determined and relaxed at the same time with a quest for knowledge mixed in. It’s great to watch. I’m proud of him and this P-40. It’s been hard to not step in as much but I keep reminding myself that it’s his build. Masking is an area that I have taken control over though. I masked off the canopy and I will outline the belly and let him fill in the rest. Aside from that, he has finished construction and moved onto final paint. We took the aircraft outside last night to give it a go and beyond my hand getting some friendly fire, he did well. I had him use a rattle can for the belly  and he managed to soar through with zero runs. Like I said earlier, I’ll get it masked off and then he gets his first airbrush lesson. It won’t be long now. 


4 thoughts on “The P-40 Project

  1. It sounds like it might be a case of the student surpassing the teacher. He seems to be doing well. And you are doing well at standing back and letting him do it himself where he can.
    Proud of you both. 🙂

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