Another Busy Week

This week has been a wash on the production front. I’ve unfortunately been on my most hated shift of afternoons and going in early a few days to take even more time away from my workbench. Friday was one of my off days so I picked up where I last left them. 

The little time that was spent yesterday morning turned out to provide excellent gains. The seams on the Skywarrior, Voodoo, and now the B-26 are a continual process. The Skywarrior and Voodoo are close to being finished while the B-26 will take some love to get to a respectable level. Virtually every inch of seam has filler applied. I still have quite a bit of sanding between the three of them. 


  The Skyraider is almost ready for its wings to be installed. Just aft of the wings needs to be sanded on the underside and we’ll be good to go. I will get that sanded up this weekend and move forward. The Bronco continues to lead the way now with the tail booms installed. The underside of one of the booms needed more filler so that was applied and I will get that sanded later today. The canopy comes in multiple parts so getting that installed will be my main focus for now. 

This morning was spent with the MiG-29. I squared away the seam on the nose and progressed to getting the wings, vertical stabilizers, and the intakes installed. Not a bad morning. The air intakes were quite primitive in their assembly leaving nice seams to deal with. I figured it would be best to sand them after installation so that is the route that I went with. The sanding actually went pretty well without much need for filler. After I can get that under control, I should be looking at paint soon. 


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