Off to a Great Start

This past weekend was the most productive weekend that I’ve had in a while. I was able to work on all six builds and make substantial advancements in my progress. Not every weekend performs the way this one did so I’m certainly counting my blessings here. 

After all the fuselage halves were affixed on all but the B-26, my main focus was to not leave the B-26 behind like I did with the B-24 build. So I sat down last night and put some quality time into catching up. I started by installing all the interior glass. The fit wasn’t great, requiring a slight trim around the edges of the openings. I used packing tape to hold them in and I will mask the outer side this afternoon. 

The main event was the ballast. The normal lead weights that I use are small which would require a good amount to complete the task. My vision was to use something bigger like nuts and bolts. While I was scrounging around my toolbox, I found a locking lug nut from a car that I haven’t owned in five years. I don’t know why it ever was saved in the first place but I’m happy it did. I glued it in behind the cockpit and let it dry. After that, I filled the hole of the lug nut with lead weights and added some more around it to be safe. The result seems perfect. I might actually need to purchase a set of pewter landing gear to support the weight. I’ll cross that bridge a little later.  For now, I will continue on and get the fuselage put together tonight. 

The Voodoo and Skywarrior builds were my biggest issue yesterday. They’re not too bad so I’m very happy with them. There are just two spots on the Voodoo and one on the Skywarrior that needed filled. That’s fine by me considering they are both long aircraft. I’ll get them sanded tonight and shoot some primer on. 
The Bronco, MiG-29, and Skyraider came out of sanding looking pretty good so I masked the cockpits off and put some primer on. Hopefully I’m good to go and I’ll start getting the wings on. If not I’ll add some filler and go from there. 


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