F-86D Sabre Dog

To wrap up this current build set, I am presenting my F-86D Sabre Dog. Yesterday may have been a big day in finally finishing my B-24 build, but today is a record breaker. The F-86 became my fifety-first build this year breaking last years record of fifty. Now I do know that every build completed until the end of the year will in fact be the new record holder but this one is different. Like I said in my last post, my 2014 challenge was just that…a challenge. It took away from the fun and instilled a deadline mentality. This year just happened. I think I gained a lot of positives in my efficiency from last year. 

So back to the build. I’m not the biggest supporter of the “D” variant. The original F-86 looks miles sleeker than its big nosed brother. But necessity breeds invention and I’d rather fly in the best version possible so I get it. The F-86D remains an interesting aircraft nonetheless. I was excited before the build and I continue to be excited after. This was an enjoyable kit. I’m even satisfied with the cockpit detail. There were a few seams that I couldn’t quite get right at first but that turned out to be my lone issue. Everything else went together quite well. 


10 thoughts on “F-86D Sabre Dog

  1. Another marvellous piece of work and a fitting way to break your record. It is over fifty years now, but the simplest kit I ever made was the Fokker Triplane, with fewer than twenty parts. Mind you, nobody bothered with the wires in those days. It might be an easy way to set an unbeatable record!

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  2. Another awesome build, ant chance on the next build you can photograph it on a one dollar bill to show scale. The details on that small of a model make it more appreciated.. 🙂

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