B-24J Liberator 

Today is a big day here at Amateur Airplanes. Not only is the B-24 complete, it also happens to be my fiftieth build of the year. If you remember back to last year, it came almost down to the wire to accomplish fifty builds. I didn’t want to set the same goal this year because it became like a chore and that is not what hobbies are about. So I took to 2015 in the same approach as always, just a little more relaxed. I kept an eye on my numbers from time to time and was recently wondering what I was up to. I’m certainly surprised to say the least. I felt like this year hit me with a few too many slow builds. The B-24 being one of them. 

It has been a long time coming but I am very happy with the finish. The original turret remains MIA but I’m thankful that I could rectify the situation rather easily. It’s not a perfect solution but I think it works. My other issue was the ballast. I could have added more weight to any open area in the nose but I wasn’t sure it would be enough. Did I want to risk wasting my time and material on a 50/50 shot? Not until I absolutely had to. My original plan, which wasn’t that great, was to open the access door in the waist up enough to where it could hold the tail up. It was a shaky and not such an attractive option but I was desperate. 

Luckily in my research for photos of an open access door, I came across a few pictures of the B-24 Witchcraft that still flies today. It showed that they had added to the retractable tail bumper. Problem solved! I grabbed a piece of strip styrene and two minutes later…tail up in the air. I finished it off with some red paint as per the photograph and it was a wrap. 

This kit was certainly a labor of love. It provided challenges and in the end, a fantastic reward. I’m very pleased with it. The feeling of finally having it complete is a huge release. 


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