The Art of Cannibalism 

Did I get your attention? Not that kind of cannibalism. You model builders out there know what I am speaking of here. For those of you who don’t, let me explain. From time to time in a model building career, you are presented with challenges that test your willingness to succeed a build. My most recent challenge has become the top turret of my B-24 build. The turret was on my workboard just a few days ago but when the time came to install it, it was no where to be found. What to do when such an important part goes missing? Obviously you start with a search and rescue mission. When that fails, as it did in this case, it comes time for another course of action. 

 My available options now were to buy a new kit entirely, buy a vacuformed turret, or cannibalize  a past build. Luckily in my situation, I have a previously built B-24 from when I first started back in the hobby. The debate in my mind was do I want to really do this? The sentimental side said “no way”, but the logical side said “why not?”. In all honesty, the build itself was nothing more than a learning experience. It looks quite terrible and I would never actually display it so I don’t feel so bad about robbing it. I learned from it and now it serves a new purpose. 

 With the decision made, I proceeded to remove the turret. It was actually very simple. I used a dentists tool to wedge in between the spine and split the top of the fuselage in two. With it finally out, I noticed the installation was different between the two kits. The current B-24 being Hasegawa and the latter being Revell, the Revell turret was meant to be installed when the fuselage halves came together. That required me to saw off the lip on the bottom. I used my razor saw to cut through with much ease. I must have used super glue back when I put this together because there was quite a bit of fogging. I applied a coat of Future and I will let it dry overnight. There is still some sanding that needs to be conquered before I am free and clear. I will attend to that tomorrow and take it one step at a time. 


18 thoughts on “The Art of Cannibalism 

  1. I am sure it was a hard decision to make but now you have a lot of spare parts on hand.

    I still have old left over decals that are at least 50 years old.

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