Not Bad At All

Around 8:30pm last night, I still had not completed anything on my building checklist. By 10:30pm, all but one build had gone as far as it could go for the night. The one build that was neglected is the Ki-61. I was hoping to have it weathered last night but with the time fading and the work alarm set for 4:20am, I opted to shut down production. I’ll hit it when I get home today so no biggie. 

As for the other four builds, it was a good night. The B-24 was first up with a lot of surface area to weather. With that finished, I can begin final assembly today. I applied the decals to the vertical stabilizers and the number one and four engine cowlings last night and they’ll need a coat of clear matte this afternoon. They will also need to be weathered before final assembly. 

 The Mosquito was next with its decal application. Talk about slow release! I basically had to work about three decals ahead of myself to let them soak long enough. They took well to the aircraft and look pretty good. Certainly worth the wait. 

 The Ki-48 received its decals last night as well. I’ve been anxious to get this one moving. I can’t wait to see it finished. The decals were great. Very minimal release time and a smooth application. 

 The F-86 came last with a partial decal application. I forgot to paint the silver on the nose so I couldn’t apply the shark mouth just yet. The rest of the decals, however, went on great. I’ll need to do some touch ups in a few spots but nothing too intense. 


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