Not So Fast

Well I wish this post featured a completed build. My hopes were high to tackle all five builds over the weekend and have at least one finished by Monday. I was on midnights last week so Saturday morning was spent sleeping and added to that was the fact that it was Halloween. I’d be a deadman if I opted to not take my kids trick-or-treating so Saturday was a no go. Sunday came and it’s church in the morning and usually just a lounge around day that I normally take advantage of. Laziness won the early afternoon and I took my smokin’ wifey out on a date in the evening. So technically I didn’t achieve my suggested goal. Realistically, I came out farther ahead in life. All in all I had a great weekend. My kids got a TON of candy because of some nice rain we had here. I drove alongside them in my Explorer with my heated seats turned on. 

So Monday was my return and I must say that I am very pleased with how each kit is coming along. I managed to apply the decals on the B-24 and Ki-61 successfully. I sprayed a good coat of clear matte on last night so I can get started with weathering both of them tonight. 

For some reason, the sealer for the metalizer on the Mosquito and F-86 came out splotchy so I shot a quick coat of Future on yesterday and it looks like it resolved my problem. 

The Ki-48 received its final color on Monday. I’m actually pleased with the squiggles this time. I spent a while on my prep work to assure a better application. Future was applied yesterday and I will try to get the decals on today. 

There are still a lot of moving parts going on at the workbench. Happily, it’s the easier side of the hobby with just weathering and decals. 


2 thoughts on “Not So Fast

  1. Hey it’s always good to come out ahead in life!
    It so often seems like when I’m expecting to get a lot of modeling done, the time disappears. I think it’s those stray 30 minute sessions that end up being the most productive!

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