Wrapping Up

Construction is incredibly winding down on all five builds. It feels great to finally include the B-24 in that mix. After the past couple of days of steady sanding and filling, this Liberator is on the verge of final paint. With the sanding and filling out of the way, it’s just the little things now. I installed part of the canopy as well as the chin glass tonight. I’ll finish up the canopy tomorrow and start the masking process. 

 The Mosquito is prepped and will begin final paint tomorrow. I overlooked the black stripes on the wings, vertical stabilizer, and horizontal stabilizers so I had to take care of that first. Now we’re ready to hit the airbrush. 

 The Ki48 will be ready for paint tomorrow just as soon as I mask off the yellow on the leading edges of the wings. I normally forget about the yellow until I’m close to being completely finished so maybe I’ve finally learned my lesson. The Ki61 is sitting in the same spot. I’ll mask both kits off tomorrow and move them on to paint with the Mosquito. 

Last but not least, the F-86 has moved along nicely. I finished up sanding on the fuselage today and installed the wings and horizontal stabilizers. I added some filler to the wing roots to be safe. I gave them a good sand when the filler dried and shot some primer on. All looks well and I think I can get started on all the little areas before final paint. 

 I obviously feel great about my progress. Tomorrow will be a busy one between the time at the airbrush and wrapping up all construction. 

8 thoughts on “Wrapping Up

  1. You have quite an impressive collection in your museum!! Very detailed work, great passion and devotion …Congrats!
    And a warm thank you for all your likes and continuous support to my humble blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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