Happy Trails

Another great day at the workbench is pushing me closer to finishing up the five builds. Some different methods have been tested which seem to be working out for the better. With a little more effort, I will be firing up the airbrush real soon.

I opted not to mask off canopies before priming and instead install them first. I also decided to put the wings on so I can prime everything at one time. For now, the Ki-61 is the only aircraft ready for priming. The Mosquito isn’t far behind. The exhaust covers needed a little filler after installation so after they are sanded up, it will be good to go. The Ki-48 isn’t far off either. Some more sanding was needed and installing all off the glass takes time to dry. I need to install the nose and put a coat of the interior color on all of the glass before priming. The B-24 is making tiny strides with the belly finally getting sanded today. So far it all looks good. I need to do lots of masking before I can prime it. There are a few spots that I think will need more attention but it feels good to be almost finished with this stage.

The kit that I am the most happy with is the F-86. I am thrilled to have the fuselage together, sanded, and filled. The gaps weren’t awful at all so this should go along quickly. My goal is to get the wings on in the next day or so.

It feels wondeful to have all five kits moving in some capacity. Aside from my F-86 goal, my other goal is to get started on final paint this weekend. 


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