Swift Recovery

The feeling of getting back on track has been quite welcome at my workbench today. It may not look like a lot has been accomplished but I assure you that the five builds are farther along than they seem. Most of the progress today was time consuming but yielded positive rewards.

To begin the day, I started working on the F-86 cockpit. The instrument panel decals were applied and the air intake sprayed with red. I will let the decals cure tonight before I seal them in with some clear. The intake was an oversight that I had to take care of before I could start assembling the fuselage. It worked out okay as I couldn’t get that finished today anyway.

After the work on the F-86 was exhausted, I moved to the dreaded sanding. The B-24 was up first with its belly being sanded the best it could. As you can see in the photograph, a great deal of filler was required. Not to worry though. I am encouraged that I am finally at this stage of the build.

 The Ki-61, Ki-48 and Mosquito all sanded up pretty well. There were just a few tiny areas on all three that needed filler. None should pose a problem and hopefully can move on to further construction after priming. The open areas need to be masked off before I can address that so I will spend some time tonight getting that wrapped up.

  My other, and most tedious, victory today was getting all of the glass masked off. This task was a time muncher by far. My hand is sore from the Ki-48 alone! The other three weren’t too bad to finish up. All in all, it was a great day at the workbench. A few more sessions like this and they will be ready for paint.

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