Restarting the B-24

The B-24 is active again with a great amount of sanding and filling. I spent a solid thirty minutes knocking down the seams as much as I could before the filler was applied. Surprisingly, the first application of filler covered extremely well. There were only a few areas that needed more filler so I put another coat on them last night. I will tackle the rest of the sanding tonight and spray some primer on. 

While the B-24 sits, I started preliminary paint on the Ki-61 and Ki-48 builds. All interior parts have been painted and now it’s time for the detail work. The F-86 and Mosquito will get the same treatment tonight. 


10 thoughts on “Restarting the B-24

  1. The venerable Liberator! A very dear friend of the family and personal mentor was a navigator on the B-24 and flew out of Hethel Field in England during WW2. At one point, Bob’s Ops Officer was Jimmy Stewart! He went to London on Liberty with him a few times to see plays. He had to eject after take off when they had engine problems… Gave his silk parachute to the farmer who rescued him. It became a wedding dress for the farmer’s daughter! Thanks for sharing and allowing a trip down memory lane for this old Padre!

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