Business As Usual

With the U-2 shelved, it is all business again at the workbench. The B-24 remains in need of a little more fuselage construction and lots of sanding. I don’t want to get half way in and stop to work on the Duck and Fw 189 so I will pause for a few days to finish them up. If I can get a good quality session in then I will for sure seize the opportunity. Until then, my focus is on clearing some workbench space.

The space that I so desire is nearing closer and closer by the day. The airbrush has been active the last couple of days and now I am merely hours away from completing both kits. The Duck is better off with all final paint finished. I used stainless steel metalizer so I still have to seal it before I can do anything else. That doesn’t require a whole bunch of effort so no worries there.

The Fw 189 sits in a great position with the first of two top colors applied this afternoon. I will let it cure overnight and mask it off for the final color tomorrow night. I am feeling good with my progress this week. I have another busy weekend ahead of me so I need to make as much ground as I can. 


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