The Museum of Science and Industry 

Well, not much progress was made on the model front yesterday. The only work done was applying the awful decals on the U-2. Their age completely showed. I ended up supplementing from my spares wherever possible. Regardless, the U-2 is about finished. It’ll get a coat of clear matte today and receive minimal weathering. 

By no means was yesterday a failure though. My visit to the Museum of Science and Industry was a great family outing that turned into a refreshing source of inspiration. 

The famous U-505 on display is one of six captured German U-boats during WWII. Among the many displays are a few nautical dioramas that peaked my interest.   I have a handful of ships in my stash but ever since I read a book about the USS Indianapolis, it’s been in my head to build one. I’ll be on the lookout for a kit now. 

 One more exhibit caught my eye in the   Ju-87 Stuka that hangs from the ceiling. It’s in a North African desert scheme and I think it’s about time for another Stuka build. I already dug a kit out to see what I need for the build. It’s safe to say that it’s added to the next build set. I feel a WWII phase coming on. 

Here’s a few for Pierre at My Forgotten Hobby.  


29 thoughts on “The Museum of Science and Industry 

  1. It looks an excellent museum and well worth a visit. One warning if you go down the Indianapolis route. You’ll need to put a macho sailor on the front, and at least three or four yellow barrels on the deck, with a couple in the sea. Alongside them, you’ll need a very large shark. And so on. Are you really ready for your wife and family walking past your area and every time saying “We’re going to need a bigger boat/tube of glue/painbrush/etc”?

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  2. That’s definitely an awesome museum. I remember well a few years back when that 727 on display was flown in to Meigs Field. Definitely one of the largest birds to ever use that slim strip of pavement!

    I love all the models/dioramas. I believe a couple are Shepard Paines work?

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