F-4E Phantom II

I have to admit that I didn’t think that the F-4 would turn out this well. Needless to say, I am very happy with the results. This build may have taken more time than I liked but it was an enjoyable one. 

The build itself went great. The way this kit is put together left me nervous at times. I was worried that the seams on the sides of the fuselage would have a bad fit. They turned out to be an almost perfect fit. 

The negatives of the build were of my own doing like always. The first problem was losing one of the rear landing gear struts. The second was not having the right paint color when I needed it. To make that one even worse, while I was looking through my greys yesterday, I found a new jar of neutral gray. Turns out that I had it all along. Oh well. I have learned to change my process and check my paint colors in the beginning of the build to give me enough time to compensate if I’m missing a color. 


22 thoughts on “F-4E Phantom II

  1. Wow! I used to build scale models but was never able to paint them as well as you do. So I avoided planes and stuck with tanks, where I could hide my painting flaws under a cover of ‘mud camouflage’!

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  2. My first air traffic control assignment post Air Force technical training was RAF Lakenheath back when the 48th TFW (a.k.a., Statue of Liberty Wing) was using the F-4D. I was there when Lakenheath later transitioned to the F-111F. The F-4 was quite the pig. Hardly a day went by without an inflight emergency, usually a BLC (Boundary Layer Control) malfunction.

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